White Water Lily Masks Four Pack

White Water Lily Masks Four Pack

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White Water Lily On Plum Mask


Designed by Fallon Simard, the White Water Lily On Plum Mask draws inspiration from traditional ecological knowledge found within Anishinaabe Aki (landscape). The masks are designed to situate the wearer in Anishinaabe landscape, connecting them to traditional medicine, land, and knowledge. The mask anchors the wearer in a space of medicine and healing by wrapping and protecting the face with white water lilies’ found in Anishinaabe landscape.


White Water Lily On Plum Mask is latex-free, has elastic fitting style, lasts up to 100 washes, is machine washable up to 140°F, air drys quickly, completely reusable, has a comfortable fit which contours to your face, and






Our masks are designed to contour the face and consequently have a right and wrong way up. They have a higher bridge for your nose and a more rounded bottom to go under the chin. Each mask has a tag with an arrow up indicator pointing upwards to show the top. The tag should be on your left-hand side for an easy visual check before you put your mask on. If you prefer your mask without the label, this can easily be cut off.


The Masks are all handmade from BagsOfLove, so always wash your face covering before use and avoid touching your face while wearing your mask for maximum protection.


To put on your custom printed face mask correctly, place it over your nose and mouth with clean hands, then pull the stretchy elastic straps over both ears. Adjust the fabric to ensure it completely covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Pinch the shape-forming nose bridge for a snug, comfortable fit.

To safely remove your face covering, unhook the straps from behind your ears and lift the mask off your face, taking care not to touch the front of your mask. Always wash your mask after use.





Always wash your masks after each use, for maximum protection. They’re machine washable (up to 140 degrees) but aren’t suitable for tumble drying.